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Mains Level
Prelims Syllabus : IR- India Bilateral Cooperation Mains Syllabus : GS-II- Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests

Act East Policy:

  • India’s Act East Policy focusses on the extended neighbourhood in the Asia-Pacific region. The policy which was originally conceived as an economic initiative, has gained political, strategic and cultural dimensions including establishment of institutional mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation.


  • The Objective of” Act East Policy” is to promote economic cooperation, cultural ties and develop strategic relationship with countries in the Asia-Pacific region through continuous engagement at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels thereby providing enhanced connectivity to the States of North Eastern Region including Arunanchal Pradesh with other countries in our neighbourhood.
  • The North East of India has been a priority in our Act East Policy (AEP).
  • The focus has been on the development and prosperity of the North Eastern states by improving connectivity, access and facilities to the region through various initiatives including improving connectivity of North East Region with Bangladesh, improving access to North East from Myanmar to facilitate tourism and cross border connectivity, promotion of Land Border Crossing Agreement and Integrated Check Post at Moreh and infrastructure projects like India-Myanmar-Thailand trilateral highway, Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project in Myanmar.

Initiatives undertaken by the Govt:

  • ASEAN-India Plan of Action (2016-20) adopted at the 13th ASEAN-India Foreign Ministers’ Meeting held in Kuala Lumpur in 2015 and endorsed by Leaders at the 13th ASEAN-India Summit held in Kuala Lumpur in 2015, provides for a road map for cooperation between ASEAN and India across three pillars.
  • Political security
  • Economic and Socio-cultural.
  • A number of activities are held under the Plan of Action (2016-20) in all three spheres to promote ASEAN-India relations.
  • Various projects are undertaken from Indo-Pacific Division’s budget, and ASEAN-India Fund (AIF), ASEAN-India Green Fund (AIGF) and ASEAN-India Science & Technology Development Fund (AISTDF) which have been set up by Government of India for undertaking joint projects with ASEAN Member States. These Funds are rolling funds and are replenished on need basis.
  • Under the 3 Lines of Credit worth about USD 8 billion extended by India to Bangladesh, GoI has undertaken several projects to enhance connectivity with our North East Region through Bangladesh.
  • India has disbursed around US $ 1.04 billion in grant projects, and has extended concessional loans of US $ 478.9 million from India’s LOC amount of around US $750 million to Myanmar.
  • Projects on grant funding include connectivity infrastructure projects like Kaladan Multi Modal Transit Transport Project, upgradation of 69 bridges and building the Kalewa Yargi road segment on the Trilateral Highway.
  • On the Civilizational front, Buddhist and Hindu links could be energized to develop new contacts and connectivity between people.
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