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Prelims Syllabus : National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Report and particulars Mains Syllabus : National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Report and particulars

Why in news?

NITI Aayog published the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

Key findings of the report:

  • Opportunities and economic impact of Artificial Intelligence for India
  • India specific key challenges and focus areas of AI implementation
  • Different initiatives identified for AI implementation in India and the role of different parties and the role of our government to make those successful.


  • Shortage of expertise
  • Absence of data ecosystem
  • Privacy & security issues
  • Lack of awareness
  • Absence of any collaboration

Focus areas:

  • Healthcare-Application of AI in Healthcare can help address issues of high barriers of access to healthcare facilities.
  • Agriculture-Artificial Intelligence will have significant global impact on agricultural productivity at all levels of the value chain.
  • Education-AI tools can be used to overcome the difficulties and challenges faced by Indian Education system. Smart Cities and Infrastructure: AI helps in improving public safety and eliminate most of the issues with Smart City and Intelligent City concepts.
  • Smart Mobility and Transportation-AI aided smart technologies like Assisted Vehicle, Greenfield Infrastructure, Autonomous Trucking, Intelligent Transportation Systems, Travel Route & Flow Optimization and Community Based Parking can be used to address many of the challenging areas faced by cities.

Way forward:

To encourage the development of sustainable AI solutions at an appropriate price.Facilitating creation of large foundational annotated data sets which will enable and accelerate development of AI solutions by start-ups. Partnership and collaborative approach involving various stakeholders and the government. Spreading awareness of the advantages of AI offers. Regulatory measures for ethics, Privacy and Security related concerns.

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