1. Differentiate between private/public morality and political morality, why do people choosing political life require ethics different from personal morality? Elucidate

Structure of the answer:

  • Introduction(Explain the context of the question)
  • What do you understand by private/public morality and political morality?
  • Difference between private/public morality and political morality?
  • What are the different factors involved in deciding the two types of morality?
  • Case Study
  • Conclusion.

Key Points.

Public Morality:

  • Public morality refers to moral and ethical standards enforced in a society, by law or police work or social pressure, and applied to public life, to the content of the media, and to conduct in public places.
  • Political Morality:

    • Political ethics (also known as political morality or public ethics) is the practice of making moral judgements about political action and political agents. It covers two areas.
    • The first is the ethics of process (or the ethics of office), which deals with public officials and the methods they use.
    • The second area, the ethics of policy (or ethics and public policy) concerns judgments about policies and laws.
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