53% of working women say their workplaces are male-dominated

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For 97% of working women, life has changed post migration, a survey by ICICI Lombard on the physical and mental health of working women through their career span.

The study surveyed working women in the age group 22-55 years, covering aspects like migration for work, resuming work post maternity and women at work facing menopause. The objective of the survey was to understand issues faced by working women at the workplace.

While gender equality at the workplace has become a byword in the corporate sector, the survey has brought forth the fact that 53% of the working women believe their workplaces are still male-dominated.

Of this, 46% belong to the age group 22-33 years, followed by 35% group from the age group 34-44 years. Women in the telecom and manufacturing sector experienced more instances of gender discrimination than any other sector.

Another interesting facet of the survey was in that 62% of the respondents believed that recognition at par with male counterparts notwithstanding, there is a gap when it comes to remuneration. This was found to be more prevalent in the manufacturing and financial sectors.

The imbalance thus created puts extra pressure on women leading into increased frustration levels (66%), working beyond their capacity to prove their mettle (64%) and stress due to high expectations (62%).

Workplace abuse was an aspect faced more by older women (45-55 years), with a majority of them reporting this to HR (43%), but a significant lot (32%) also quitting on account of this.

Positive change

Migration for work has proved to be a positive change for 97% of working women, enhancing self-confidence and financial independence. Cultural shock, though, is a major challenge.

Also, women migrating post 30 are more prone to stress as it is mentally difficult to accommodate in formal office environment.

Respondents to the survey relating to menopause revealed that depression is a common emotion impacting 89% of working women, leading 42% of them to take leave once a month. In order to relieve that stress, 49% of the women engaged in activities like yoga, while others preferred morning/evening walks and zumba. However, gym and outdoor sports are almost negligible.

The study involved online quantitative interviews with 1500 working women, across five locations.

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