5g Technology

Prelims level : Science & Technology / Mains GS – III Science & Technology- developments and their applications in everyday life. Mains level :
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TRAI gives nod for sale of 5G spectrum


  • It is a mobile network connectivity that would ensure fast broadband Speeds along with capacity to perform well without barrier’s


  • Fast speed compared to previous generation
  • Reliability
  • Higher Bandwidth
  • How Latency ratio
  • Can increase the number of interconnected devices

Challenges Faced:

  • Infrastructure : Lack of infrastructure for 5G services and lack of allocation of spectrum.
  • Communication, Navigation and sensing : It requires large radio spectrum to transmit signals and we lack this infrastructure
  • Security and privacy : 5G has to define the uncertainties related to security threats including, trust, privacy, cybersecurity which are growing across globe.
  • Legislation : Cybercrime and online Fraudent activities will increase with increase in technology. Therefore a good Cybersecurity initiative is mandatory

Impact of 5G Technology:

  • It makes data sharing, enabling and transfer and processing more quickly which will result in enhanced application like internet of things even more faster and larger.
  • This Technology will be a short in the arm for sister technologies like artificial intelligence and cloud computing
  • This Technology will gather all networks in one platform and provide a huge broadcasting data.
  • Will make possible to provide uninterrupted connectivity with uniform high speeds across the world.
  • It will boost the ambitious project of ‘Digital India’ by making possible the last mile connectivity whereby enhancing the governance.
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