A place for all refugees under India’s Welfare Umbrella

Why in News?

  • “16 Days of Activism” will be held from 25th November 2022.


  • Annual “16 Days of Activism” against gender-based violence will be organized from 25th November 2022 (International Day Against Violence Against Women) to 10th December 2022 (International Human Rights Day).
  • The global theme of 2022 is: “UNITE! Activism to end violence against women and girls”.
  • It aims to ensure that gender and protection deficits are reversed. It is important to unite to end violence against women and girls and empower them. Moreover, men should also be supported to become agents of change. 
  • The world faces an overall increase in domestic violence, trafficking, child marriage, sexual exploitation, and abuse. 
  • Women face a disproportionate burden due to conflict situations like Russia-Ukraine War, a coup in Myanmar, and a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, as they are forced to flee their homes and seek refuge in other countries. 

India’s Performance:

  • The women of India were awarded suffrage during India’s independence in 1947. 
  • India played a crucial role in ensuring gender-sensitive norms while drafting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For instance, the language of ‘all men are created equal’ was changed to ‘all human beings are created equal ’.
  • India has also ratified key international conventions like the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
  • Indian Women have also overcome “the glass ceiling” in the armed forces and are now allowed to serve as commanders (since 2020). 
  • Moreover, India accounts for the largest number of women in the United Nations peacekeeping forces, thus implying the equal role that women can play in conflict-struck territories. 
  • The government at both central and state levels has launched various schemes/policies to support girls/women in both urban and rural areas. 
  • For example, the ‘Nari Shakti for New India’ campaign represents the aspirations of millions of women and even provides them the opportunity to lead.

Case of Refugee Women:

  • There are approximately 2,12,000 refugees in India. The government ensures that refugees can access protection services similar to Indian citizens.
  • Moreover, refugees registered directly by the Government like those from Sri Lanka are also entitled to Aadhaar cards and PAN cards for economic and financial inclusion. They can also access welfare schemes. However, refugees registered with the UNHCR can access protection and limited assistance services only and are thus inadvertently left behind.
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