Prelims level : Polity and Governance Mains level : GS-II L Issues relating to development and management of human resources
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Why in News:

  • The article says about the major problems faced by minorities in India.


  • lynch attacks against minorities are more common and emerged as a scourge in the country today.
  • Lynching itself is of course not unknown in many countries.
  • Three broad kinds of lynch are performed in the modern world. The first is occasional and random criminal acts, without any pattern or regularity to signal a significant social phenomenon. The second is a ‘rough justice’, people frustrated by failures of legal justice, attacking people alleged frequently to be petty thieves or rapists. This has been common in Indonesia and Latin America. The third kind is as hate crime, one which targets persons not because of what a person has done, but because of who they are. people rationalise cow lynching as popular anger because state systems have not implemented cow protection laws. But the targets of lynch mobs are particular communities, and the allegations of crimes against them are usually patently false.

Current problems

  • India sometimes creates its own specific cruelties. These include untouchability, caste atrocities and the cruel burning of brides for dowry. While politically encouraged bigotry and hatred against minorities are growing into a malign global epidemic, India’s dubious contribution to this is its spate of performative mob lynching, targeting religious minorities and disadvantaged castes into the pervasive fear of everyday living that this has brought in its wake.
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