Aadhaar Linking in India

Why in News?

  • Recently the Election Commission (EC), over 60% of India’s 94.5 crore voters have linked their Aadhaar number to their voter IDs.


  • Tripura has the highest rate of Aadhaar linking, with over 92% of voters in the state providing their Aadhaar details to the EC.
  • Lakshadweep and Madhya Pradesh have the second and third highest rates of Aadhaar linking, with over 91% and 86% of voters having provided the number respectively.
  • Southern states have lower proportions of Aadhaar registration compared to the national average, with Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka falling shy of 71%, and Tamil Nadu and Kerala standing around 63% and 61%.
  • Gujarat has the lowest Aadhaar registration by voters, with only 31.5% of voters linking the document to their voter registration.
  • Also, less than 34% of voters in Delhi had their Aadhaar linked.
  • Along with pursuing the Aadhaar-Voter ID integration, the government shall also look forward to enacting the Digital Personal Data Protection(DPDP) Bill, 2022. The DPDP regime must also apply to government entities and require them to obtain an individual’s explicit consent before sharing their data across various government institutions.


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