AI Can Adjust Dosage For Cancer Patients

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  • MIT researchers are using an artificial intelligence (AI) model that would help determine the correct drug dosage and, in turn, reduce debilitating side effects for brain cancer patients.


  • Powered by a “self-learning” machine-learning technique i.e ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT, the model looks at treatment regimens currently in use, and iteratively adjusts the doses.
  • Eventually, it finds an optimal treatment plan, with the lowest possible potency and frequency of doses that should still reduce tumour sizes to a degree comparable to that of traditional regimens.
  • Glioblastoma is a type of cancer – malignant tumour that appears in the brain or spinal cord, and prognosis for adults is no more than five years. There is no cure for it.
  • Generally, administer maximum safe drug doses to shrink the tumour as much as possible. However, these strong pharmaceuticals still cause debilitating side effects in patients.
  • Patients must endure a combination of radiation therapy and multiple drugs taken every month.
  • This system provides alternate for it. Can help reduce toxic chemotherapy dosing for the most aggressive form of brain cancer, potentially improving the quality of life for patients.
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