• China has successfully completed on water trials of its indigenous amphibious aircraft named AG600 which is roughly the size of a Boeing 737.
  • Powered by Four turboprop engines, the AG600 can carry up to 50 personnel and has a maximum operating range of 4500KM and take-off weight of 53.5 tones.
  • Japan and Russia also have their own amphibious aircrafts namely Shin Maywa VS-2 and Beriev Be – 200.
  • While AG200 will add china’s capability to exercise more muscular approach at sea islands.
  • India has been holding Parleys with japan for sometime now to acquire to shin Maywa VS-2.

About Amphibious Aircraft:

  • The word amphibious means can survive on land and sea. The Aircraft can Land on both land and sea.


  • The type of Hybrid is mainly deployed for search and rescue operations.
  • It can also be used for strategic purpose to mobilize soldiers. China with her namely acquired amphibious aircraft can deploy around 300 soldiers in Indian peninsula.
  • So Far India is eyeing on the Japanese amphibious aircraft but we have not taken any significant strides.
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