Analyze the significance, composition and key functions of National crisis management committee

Structure of the answer:

  • Introduction ( say about committee)
  • About NCMC.
  • Its composition.
  • Key functions.
  • Conclusion (say about significance of such organs in handling crisis).

Key points:

  • At the national level, Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) and National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) are the key committees involved in the top-level decision-making with respect to Disaster Management (DM).
  • It deals with major crisis which have serious or national ramifications.
  • Cabinet Secretary (Chairperson). Secretaries of Ministries / Departments and agencies with specific Disaster management responsibilities.
  • Oversee the Command, Control and Coordination of the disaster response.  Give direction to the Crisis Management Group (CMG) as deemed necessary.
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