Anti-Terrorism Day in India: 21 May

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  • Every year May 21 is observed as Anti-Terrorism day in India.
  • The day is observed in the memory of former Indian PM Mr. Rajiv Gandhi who passed away on this day.
  • Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated at an election rally near Chennai by a suicide bomber from the LTTE on 21 May 1991.


  • The Purpose of observing World Anti-Terrorism Day is:
  1. To spread the message of global peace and non-violence
  2. Deter vulnerable youth from following cult practices and being misguided
  3. Commemorate and honor the sacrifices made by thousands of soldiers who battled against terrorism
  4. Pay homage to the victims who lost their lives in terrorist attacks
  5. Device ways and hold awareness programs to protect future generations from radical influence.
  • On this day Anti- terrorism pledge is taken in all government offices, PSU and in other public organisations. Events like debates, discussions, symposiums, seminars lectures will be held in schools, colleges and in universities on dangers of terrorism.
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