Prelims level : Mains level : Paper - II Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements
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India has provided tariff concessions on 3,142 products to Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) members, including Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, from July 1

These duty concessions will be more for least developed countries (LDCs) and less for developing nations.

  • APTA also know as Bangkok Agreement, signed in 1975 under the aegis of UNESCAP.
  • It aims to promote economic development through the adoption of mutually beneficial trade liberalization measures that will contribute to intra-regional trade expansion and economic integration.
  • Open to all developing member countries of UNESCAP.
  • It is an Preferential trade agreement.
  • The Ministerial Council represents the highest decision-making authority.
  • UNESCAP functions as APTA’s Secretariat.
  • Members of APTA are Bangladesh, India ,china, Laos Sri Lanka, Mangolia, Republic of Korea.
  • APTA is the only operational trade agreement linking china and India.
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