Ballistic Missile Interceptor AAD Successfully Flight Tested

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Why in News?

  • Defence Research and Development Organisation conducted a successful test of the supersonic endo-atmospheric interceptor missile from Abdul Kalam Island (earlier known as Wheeler Island) Odisha.

Missile test:

  • The interceptor missile was launched against multiple simulated targets of 1,500 km class ballistic missile.
  • The mission objectives of the test were successfully met.
  • One of its target was selected on real time and the weapon system radars tracked the target and locked the missile on to it and intercepted it in mid-air on sea surface with high degree of accuracy.
  • The complete test including engagement and interception was tracked by a number of electro-optical tracking systems, radars and telemetry stations.
  • This test validated some improved features incorporated in the interceptor missile while its major health parameters including its ‘kill’ effect already have been validated in earlier tests.

Interceptor Missile:

  • The endo-atmospheric interceptor missile is yet to get a formal name.
  • It has been developed as part of indigenous efforts to have multi-layer ballistic missile defence system, capable of destroying incoming hostile ballistic missiles.
  • It is 7.5-metre long and is capable of intercepting incoming targets at an altitude of 15 to 25 km.
  • It is a single stage solid rocket propelled guided missile.
  • It is equipped with a navigation system, a hi-tech computer and an electro-mechanical activator.
  • It has its own mobile launcher, secure data link for interception, independent tracking and homing capabilities and sophisticated radars.


  • The Research Centre Imarat (RCI) of the DRDO has played pivotal role in the development of all strategic missiles, spearheaded under the India’s double-layered ballistic missile defence (BMD) programme.
  • The BMD consists of two interceptor missiles, Advanced Area Defence (AAD) missile for endo-atmosphere or lower altitudes and Prithvi Defence Vehicle for exo-atmospheric ranges.
  • The DRDO expects deployment of BMD shield by 2022.
  • India will be fourth country in the world after the US, Russia and Israel to successfully built effective anti-ballistic missile system.
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