India Bangladesh Relationships

Recently 6th Minister level talk held between India and Bangladesh Various Contemporary issues was discussed ranging from security to migration to water sharing.

  • Connectivity: The Road access to the state of Tirupura and other countries like Myanmar has to be through Bangladesh.
  • Her Economic and political stability is necessary for India to grow as our goods are at demand to Bangladesh.

Immigration to India:

  • Even before Bangladesh was born there has been a Influx of Bengalis in India resulted in conflicts.
  • Any Instability in neighbourhood may lead to such Refuge inflex Eg: Rohinagya Muslims.

Climate Vagaries:

Bangladesh is severely affected by climate change. Some source even suggest the decrease of landmass by 20% in the future it such a disaster happens. The Immigration will further increase and it will be a grave issue for us.


Various insurgent groups from North East and indigenously developed groups in Bangladesh, Jammat-Ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh are threat to our National interest.


The Teesta river water sharing dispute is still in the cards. Due to continuous protest by west Bengal Government. The issue remains contentious between India and Bangladesh.


  • India Shares her largest with Bangladesh (400 km).
  • India was the first country to recognise Bangladesh as separate State.
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