Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics 2022

Why in News?

  • The Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying recently released the ‘Basic Animal Husbandry Statistics 2022, showing an increase in the milk, eggs and meat productions in India.


  • The contribution of livestock in the agriculture sector has been showing steady improvement that signifies its growing importance for the country’s economy
  • Total milk production in India was 221.06 million tonnes in 2021-2022, keeping It the largest milk producing country in the world.
  • Production had increased by 5.29% over the previous year.
  • The Indigenous cattle contribute 10.35% of the total milk production in the country whereas non-descript cattle contribute 9.82% and non-descript buffaloes contribute 13.49% of the total milk production in the country.
  • Top five major milk producing States are Rajasthan (15.05%), Uttar Pradesh (14.93%), Madhya Pradesh (8.06%), Gujarat (7.56%) and Andhra Pradesh (6.97%).
  • The total egg production was 129.60 billion numbers, and it is an increase by 6.19% than the previous year.
  • Top five egg producing States are Andhra Pradesh (20.41%), Tamil Nadu (16.08%), Telangana (12.86%), West Bengal (8.84%) and Karnataka (6.38%) and these States together contribute 64.56% of total egg production in the country.
  • The total meat production In the country was 9.29 million tonnes, increasing by 5.62% as compared to the previous year.
  • The meat production from poultry is contributing about 51.44% of the total production.
  • The top five meat producing States are Maharashtra (12.25%), Uttar Pradesh (12.14%), West Bengal (11.63%), Andhra Pradesh (11.04%) and Telangana (10.82%). They together contribute 57.86% of total meat production in the country.


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