Prelims level : Constitutional Bodies, Regulatory Bodies Mains level : GS-II Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations
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Why in News?

  • The Centre has denied a Right to Information (RTI) request for details of the ongoing recruitment process for four vacancies in the Central Information Commission.


  • On February, 2019, the SC had directed the Centre and States to pro-actively disclose all information regarding the recruitment advertisement, the particulars of the applicants, the search and selection committees and the criteria for short-listing candidates on their websites.

Appointment of CIC:

  • Section 12(3) of the RTI Act 2005 provides as follows.
  • The Chief Information Commissioner and Information Commissioners shall be appointed by the President on the recommendation of a committee consisting of The Prime Minister, who shall be the Chairperson of the committee. The Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.
  • A Union Cabinet Minister to be nominated by the Prime Minister.
  • There cannot be more that 10 information commissioners all of whose appointments are made by the President and it includes one Chief Information Commissioner (CIC).

Term of office:

  • Section 13 of the RTI Act 2005 provides that the Chief Information Commissioner shall hold office for a term of five years from the date on
  • which he enters upon his office and shall not be eligible for reappointment.
  • Section 13(5)(a) of the RTI Act 2005 provides that the salaries and allowances payable to and other terms and conditions of service of the Chief
  • Information Commissioner shall be the same as that of the Chief Election Commissioner.
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