Changing Political Equation

  • In a major upset verdict in the first round of Polls in Bhutan, incumbent Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay’s people’s democratic party has been ousted from the race, and will not run in the second and the final round next month.
  • Harvard Educated Tshering Tobgay was seeking a second term in the poll but fell short of two rival parties, who will contest a runoff on October 18.
  • Election’s official said DPT, which won Bhutan’s first ever election when the Kingdom trans actioned  to democracy in 2008, attracted nearly 93, 000 voters narrowly beating DNT.
  • The People’s Democratic party won power from the opposition in 2013 bat issues like corruption, rural poverty, Youth unemployment and the Prevalence of Criminal gangs remains challenges for Bhutan Economy.
  • Perhaps it could be said that India is essential for Bhutan and Nice versa


  • Bhutan’s Trade is mainly dependent on Power sector and cement.
  • India purchases most of the Bhutanese export and nearly 98 percent of exports depends on India.
  • On the other hand, Bhutan does not allow India’s business a free hand and there are restrictions for tourism even for Indian’s.
  • India does not get the return that it has invested from Bhutan and there are Slogan’s from Youth Community that “We like India but we hate Indians”.

Multifaceted Relationship

  • Bhutan should not be looked merely on economic and geographical terms.
  • Bhutan is our long-time Partner and hence they are essential for the security.
  • Moreover they act as a Buffer Zone with China.
  • China has claim to some of the regions of Bhutan, but India’s advice and aid from military to economic has kept her territories intact.
  • This dependency of Bhutan on India has been something which Bhutan aspires to change.

Way Forward

  • India on the other hand does not want Bhutan to be dependent and India should take steps to improve capacity building.
  • Some steps like BIMSTEC where Bhutan is engaged in improving trade should be enhanced.
  • As Bhutan develops its democratic character also improves which means it is more closer to India than China and India should not be concerned about the elected government and should be ready to engage with it.
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