Daily Current Affairs Quiz 14-05-2020

1. With reference to Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR), consider the following:

  1. 1.It has no nursery preparation or transplantation.
  2. 2.The seeds are directly drilled into the field.
  3. 3.The seedlings are then uprooted and replanted 25-35 days later in the main field.
  4. Which of the statements given above are correct?


2. In context to Fluorometer device which is recently seen in news, consider the following:

  1. 1.It is used to identify the presence and the amount of specific molecules in a medium.
  2. 2.It can be used to detect biomolecules and proteins using the copper nanoparticles.
  3. 3.It can also be modified to detect other substances such as lead and mercury.
  4. Which of the statements given above are correct?


3. Consider the following, with regard to Melamine:

  1. 1.It is an organic base chemical most commonly found in the form of white crystals rich in nitrogen.
  2. 2.It is widely used in plastics, adhesives, countertops, dishware, whiteboards.
  3. 3.It can lead to kidney-related diseases and also kidney failure.
  4. Which of the statements given above are correct?


4. India and Chinese troops recently had a face off at the Naku La sector. It is located in which of the following state/UT?


5. Consider the following statements:

  1. 1.APMC is a statutory market committee constituted by a Central Government in respect of trade in certain notified agricultural or horticultural or livestock products, under the Agricultural Produce Market Committee Act.
  2. 2.Agriculture is placed in the Concurrent List under the VII Schedule of the constitution.
  3. 3.The Gujarat government recently promulgated an Ordinance expanding the purview of the Act to include livestock under agricultural produce and to provide better market access to farmers.
  4. Which of the statement(s) given above is/are correct?


6. Consider the following Pairs:
             Pass            State/UT

  1. 1.Nathu La – Sikkim
  2. 2.Rohtang La – Himachal Pradesh
  3. 3.Zoji La – Jammu & Kashmir
  4. Which of the pairs given above are correct?


7. Consider the following statements regarding the ‘Raisina Dialogue’.

  1. 1.It is India’s flagship geopolitical and geostrategic conference.
  2. 2.It is held at biennial intervals.
  3. 3.The first edition of Raisina Dialogue was held in the year 2016.
  4. 4.The theme of the dialogue this year is “21 @ 20 Navigating the Alpha Century.”
  5. Which of the statements given above is/are correct?


8. Consider the following Countries:

  1. 1.Russia
  2. 2.Armenia
  3. 3.Kazakhstan
  4. 4.4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. 5.Uzbekistan
  6. 6.Ukraine
  7. Which of the countries given above is/are member states of Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)?


9. Consider the following statements with reference to ‘Hormuz Peace Initiative’:

  1. 1.It is an initiative led by United States of America.
  2. 2.Strait of Hormuz connects the Persian Gulf with the Gulf of Aden.
  3. Choose the correct statement using the code given below:


10. In which of the following state(s), both the eastern and western Dedicated Freight Corridors pass through?

  1. 1.Uttar Pradesh
  2. 2.Punjab
  3. 3.Haryana
  4. 4.Bihar
  5. 5.Rajasthan
  6. Select the correct answer using the code given below.


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