Did Horticulture is a way of doubling farmers explain it with its achievements of mission for integrated development of horticulture (MIDH).

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction (current scenario of Horticulture)
  • Say about how the horticulture section performed lately in quantitative and qualitative terms:
  • How the quality and quantity can be increased?
  • Discuss the achievements of mission for integrated development of horticulture (MIDH).

Key points:

  • Role of Horticulture in India: It is an emerging sector of economic importance in India.
  • Horticulture is defined as the cultivation of an orchard, garden, or nursery on a small or large scale, or the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants.
  • Ornamentals and flowers were added to improve well-being.
  • What? Horticulture, literally garden culture, is a part of crop agriculture that also includes agronomy and forestry.
  • By tradition, horticulture deals with garden crops such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, culinary herbs and spices, beverage crops, and medicinals, as well as ornamental plants.
  • How? Horticulture is the practice of production of both fruit and vegetable crops. India is a producer of tropical as well as temperate fruits.
  • Some of the major crops are: Mangoes: Many varieties of mangoes lie Safeda, Dussehri, Langda, Sindoori, etc. are grown in Maharashtra, U.P., Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal.


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