Discuss about India’s maiden human spaceflight programme Gaganyaan also explain its major objectives

Structure of answer:

  • • Introduction (Say about mission)
  • • About mission
  • • Objectives of Gaganyaan mission.
  • • Conclusion (say about its importance and significance of mission)

Key points:

  • • Gaganyaan (“Sky Craft”) is an Indian crewed orbital spacecraft intended to be the basis of the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme.
  • • India has already successfully developed and tested several building blocks, including re-entry space capsule, pad abort test, safe crew ejection mechanisam in case of rocket failure, flight suit developed by DEBEL and the powerful GSLV-
    MkIII launch vehicle.
  • • Used to test orbital injection, separation and re-entry procedures and systems of the Crew Capsule.
  • • Also tested were the capsule separation, heat shields and aerobraking systems, deployment of parachute, retro-firing, splashdown, flotation systems and procedures to recover the Crew Capsule from the Bay of Bengal.
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