Why in News?

  • Recently draft rules have been laid under Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Egg-laying Hens) Rules, 2019, after High court issued a directive regarding cruelty in poultry

Draft rules for better poultry farming practices:

  • Poultry farms in the country have to have a minimum space of not less than 550 sq
  • They cannot put more than 6-8 birds in a
  • Antibiotics has to be used only for therapeutic purposes and that, too, under supervision by a
  • The policy also bars feeding hens with the remains of dead chicks, thereby preventing diseases to the hens and also benefiting healthy commercial egg production in the
  • Regular inspection of poultry farms by authorised personnel, who should follow proper bio-security
  • No inspector will visit more than one farm within a period of 72 hours for bio-security concerns to prevent the spread of
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