Elaborate how Buddhism constitutes a key linkage between India and south East Asia?

Structure of answer:

  • Introduction (Say about India and South East Asian relation).
  • Explain how The Buddhist faith, due to its emphasis on peaceful co-existence and its wide pan-Asian presence (Culturallinkages that India shares with south Asia).
  • Explain the factors that make Buddhism bridge between India and South-East Asia.
  • Way forward.
  • Conclusion.

Key points:

  • Southeast Asia was under Indian influence starting around 300 BC until around the 15th century, when Hindu-Buddhist influence was absorbed by local politics.
  • Kingdoms in the south east coast of the Indian Subcontinent had established trade, cultural and political relations with Southeast Asian kingdoms in Burma,Thailand,Indonesia,Malay Peninsula,Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • How it affects: Mahayana Buddhism is thought to have spread from both China and India during the first and second century into Southeast Asia.
  • Mahayana took root primarily in maritime Southeast Asia, although there was also a strong influence in Vietnam, in part due to their connection with China.
  • How did Buddhism spread: Ashoka promoted Buddhist expansion by sending monks to surrounding territories to share the teachings of the Buddha.
  • A wave of conversion began, and Buddhism spread not only through India, but also internationally.
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