First person on Mars may be a woman, says NASA

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NASA recently announced that it will have its first all-female spacewalk at the end of the month, when astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch will get to float around in space.

InSight Mission

  • InSight is NASA’s Discovery Program mission dedicated to exploring the deep interior of Mars.
  • It will place stationary lander equipped with seismometer and heat transfer probe on surface of Mars to study red planet’s early geological evolution.
  • It is terrestrial planet explorer that will address one of most fundamental issues of planetary and solar system science.
  • It will help in understanding processes that shaped rocky planets of inner solar system (including Earth) more than four billion years ago.
  • The robotic lander will perform a radio science experiment to study internal structure of Mars by deploying seismometer and a burrowing heat probe.
  • It will measure Mar’s vital signs such as pulse (seismology), temperature (heat flow probe) and reflexes (precision tracking).
  • It will let scientists understand how different its crust, mantle and core are from Earth.
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