Flash Flood

Prelims level : Environment Mains level : Paper- III Disaster Management
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What is Flash Flood?

  • Flash floods can be caused by a number of things, but is most often due to extremely heavy rainfall from thunderstorms.
  • Flash flood as any flood that develops in less than six hours.
  • They can occur almost anywhere, but are most commonly found in low-altitude areas with poor drainage systems.

What causes Flash Floods?

  • The intensity of rain fall
  • Location and distribution of rainfall
  • The land use and topography
  • Vegetation types
  • Soil type and soil water content
  • dam failures,
  • ice jams
  • snow melts
  • Deforestation on low lying areas over grazing can cause water to rise quickly.

Recommendations of task force on Flash Flood Management

  • Expand the role of the Central Government in the Flood control sector – The flood control schemes should be funded through a Centrally Sponsored Scheme in the ratio of 90% Central and 10% State from the present 75:25.
  • The total investment for plan/flood Management may be to at least 1% of the total plan outlay.
  • Earmarking funds in the state sector as Additional Central Assistance for maintenance of embankments.
  • Creation of a revolving fund of Rs. 50 Crore, which may be available annually to the Ministry of Water Resources to take up emergent flood management schemes.
  • Strengthening of the Ganga Flood Control Commission by the addition of a Member (Works) and appropriate field formation for investigation and execution of critical flood management works.
  • Strengthening of Flood Management Organisation of the Central Water Commission by restoring the post of Member (Floods) abolished earlier and redeployment of posts of Chief Engineer, two Directors and other lower level functionaries in order to have policy formulation and coordination amongst various agencies.
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