Why in News?

  • Indian Navy through the Naval War College Goa is hosting the ‘Goa Maritime Symposium – 2018’ on October 16 in order to Foster friendly relations with India’s maritime neighbours.

Goa Maritime Symposium – 2018:

  • Aimed at establishing academic excellence and sharing of ideas among India’s maritime neighbours, the symposium will facilitate interaction between senior representatives of navies and maritime agencies in the Indian Ocean Region on common issues of maritime interest.
  • The event is likely to be attended by senior naval officers and representatives from 16 Indian Ocean littoral countries and island nations.
  • The theme for the one-day symposium is “Building Stronger Maritime Partnerships in IOR.”
  • The focus of the symposium is on capacity building among IOR Navies to tackle emerging maritime threats, as well as discussing cooperative strategies for enhancing interoperability among partner maritime agencies.
  • With the Indian Ocean becoming the locus of the 21st century strategic landscape, the symposium will play a constructive role in bringing together stakeholders that have a role in evolving strategies, policies and implementation mechanisms in the maritime domain.

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