Govt launches Web – Wonder Women Campaign

In News:

  • Govt launches Web- Wonder Women Campaign.


  • The government launched Web- Wonder Women Campaign to celebrate the exceptional achievements of women who have influenced and impacted society through social media. 

Aim of the Campaign:

  • The Campaign aims to recognize the fortitude of Indian women stalwarts from across the globe who have used the power of social media to run positive campaigns to steer a change in society. 
  • Indian women have always been enterprising and have created a positive impact on society with their hard work, experience and knowledge. 

Web- Wonder Women Campaign:

  • The campaign is to specially honour and encourage such voices that have in their own capacity driven a positive impact on social media platforms. 
  • The WCD Ministry in collaboration with Breakthrough and Twitter India has started this campaign. 
  • The Campaign invites entries from across the world till 31st of this month. Indian-origin women, working or settled anywhere in the world, are eligible for nomination. 
  • The shortlisted entries will be open for public voting on Twitter and the finalists will be selected by a specialized panel of judges. 
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