Why in News?

  • For the first time, researchers have sighted nests of the grizzled giant squirrel

Grizzled Giant Squirrel:

  • Grizzled giant squirrel is a large tree squirrel found in the highlands of the Central and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka, and in patches of riparian forest along the Kaveri River and in the hill forests of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala states of southern India
  • It is an endangered species listed under Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
  • The grizzled giant squirrel is usually known to nest in the Western Ghats in Southern India ranging from Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary in Kerala to Anamalai Tiger Reserve and Palani hills in Tamil Nadu. Habitat loss coupled with hunting for its fur and bushmeat by the locals are said to be the major threats to this species,
  • Owing to habitat loss and poaching, the species has been categorised as near threatened by the Red List and listed under Schedule II of CITES

Pakkamalai Reserve Forest:

  • Pakkamalai Reserve Forest is a sacred mountain located about 45 kms from Gingee in Villupuram district. Several diverse and endangered species including the Golden Gecko, Bamboo Pit Viper and Mouse Deer have also been spotted in the Pakkamalai Reserve Forests.
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