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Why in News?

  • Recognising patients as a particularly vulnerable group and understanding the need for specific guidelines on sexual boundaries for doctors, the Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS) along with the Bangalore Declaration Group (a team of doctors across various medical specialties in India) have come up with a set of guidelines, for the first time, to direct doctors on what is ethically right and wrong.

In Detail:

15-point guidelines:

  • The ethical duty of all doctors is to ensure effective care for their patients. This would mean that their own conduct should in no way harm their patient.
  • Sexual relationships between doctors and patients invariably harm both the patient and the doctor. Trust, which is central to an effective doctor-patient relationship, is inevitably damaged.
  • In view of the power gradient that invariably exists in the doctor-patient relationship, the onus is on the doctor to ensure he or she does not enter into a romantic or sexual relationship with a patient.” The guidelines, which aim to be gender neutral and serve both doctors and patients of all genders, further state, “Doctors are reminded that even a relationship with a former patient is discouraged and could be construed as unethical, as the previous professional relationship can influence the current relationship.”
  • Doctors should use social media responsibly, the guidelines add.


  • It stands for Medical council of India. MCI is statutory body established in order to maintain uniform and high standards of Medical Education in India.                     Medical council of India was established in 1993. The MCI Headquarters is in New Delhi (National capital territory). Presently, Medical Council of India leader and president is Jayshreeben Mehta.
  • MCI makes sure that in order to practise in India, doctors must be registered under MCI. In order to protect and promote the health and safety of the public, Medical council of India ensures that
  • proper standards are maintained during the practice of medicine. MCI keeps a check on the establishment of new medical colleges offering different MBBS/BDS degree and their recognition by giving them permission.
  • MCI also approves the number of students getting admitted in a college and also renews their licenses.
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