Why in news?

  • For the past three years, the salt export from Gujarat has significantly shot up with the major chunk being used in de-icing the roads in the countries reeling under heavy snowfall.


  • Gujarat accounts for 90% of the salt exported from
  • The salt made in Gujarat is routed through China to the European and American countries and Russia due to lesser logistics
  • China also exports its inferior quality salt for de-icing in Polar
  • Generally, the salt export for de-icing starts from the month of September. During this period, the salt export touches around 7-8 lakh tonnes per month from the average four lakh tonnes.

What is De-icing?

  • De-icing is the process of removing snow or ice from the surface of the roads, mostly done by using sodium chloride or other
  • Salt or sodium chloride is preferred as it is
  • This is done to prevent fatal accidents caused by slippery roads in sub-zero
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