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Why in News?

  • National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations (NABH) has revamped Entry-Level Certification Process of hospitals to make it simpler, digital, faster and user-friendly.


  • HCOs and small HCOs that want to avail benefits associated with IRDAI and Ayushman
    Bharat. NABH accreditation provides assurance of quality and care in hospitals at par with international benchmarks. NABH has designed an exhaustive healthcare standard for hospitals and healthcare providers that have been accredited as per global standards.
  • The revamped certification process is driven through a new portal called HOPE –Healthcare Organizations’ Platform for Entry-Level-Certification.
  • It is an online platform for smooth and secure registration which provides a self- explanatory questionnaire to be filled by the HCO/SHCOs.
  • It ensures quality at nascent stages by enrolling a wide range of hospitals across the country including Healthcare Organizations (HCOs).
  • HOPE also enables them to comply with quality protocols, improve patient safety and the overall healthcare facility of the organization.


  • NABH, a constituent body of QCI, has been working to ensure reliability, efficiency and global accreditation in Indian healthcare sector.
  • It uses contemporary methodologies and tools, standards of patient safety and infection control.


  • Established in 1997 Quality Council of India (QCI) is an autonomous organization under the DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • It is the Quality Apex and National Accreditation Body for accreditation and quality promotion in the country.
  • The Council was established to provide a credible, reliable mechanism for third party assessment of products, services and processes which is accepted and recognized globally.
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