IBSD opens up their state-of-the-art orchidarium in Shillong

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  •  In Meghalaya, the Institute of Bio-resource and Sustainable Development (IBSD) a national institute of Department of Biotechnology opened up their state-of-the-art orchidarium in their research facility in Upper Shillong on Monday.
  • One of its kind orchidarium, the first in the country was constructed within a span of three months after the institute was established last year.
    The orchidarium houses over 20 varieties of orchids which are found in Meghalaya and its neighbouring States.
  • The entire North Eastern region is blessed with more than 800 varieties of orchids and the global demand for orchids is increasing year after year.
  • When orchids are produced in large quantities, with a proper supply chain, orchid farmers can earn a decent income like farmers in other parts of the world.
  • The temperature and climatic conditions of the North Eastern region are favourable for orchids to thrive, so it is imperative to look into orchid farming for mass production.
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