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Prelims level : Mains level : Paper - II India and its Neighbourhood Relations
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Recently Prime Minister Visited the continent of Africa and visited Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa

Importance of Africa

  • From the Backdrop of Chinese penetration in the African Continent and their ability to invest more in Africa remains a concern for India.
  • Africa remains as a good market for Indian Goods and services especially health care and it has also promoted medical tourism.
  • ‘Make in India’ success depends upon the markets internationally, so Africa being a young continent has enormous growth potential could be a boost for us.
  • Africa is home for a large number of Indian Diaspora and the political stability in Africa is substantial as our diaspora play a pivotal role in determining the political condition • We have more number of educational institution which is preferred by many African nation’s (Students)
  • Maritime stability and trade route (Suez Canal) Ultimately depends on African Nations, as we plan to expand our ports to secure Indian ocean and trade in Atlantic

Takeaway from the visit

  • PM has sponsored 200 cows to the villages of Rwanda as it is seen as a sign of helping neighbour in Africa
  • China’s focus is so far on improving infrastructure which ultimately helps the elite. This leads long-term debt trap as these investment are in the form of loan, which ultimately makes Africa subordinate in long term. India’s focus on Human resource development and training to impart skills.

Why China and India is Important to Africa

  • Africa being a young continent, especially countries like Rwanda which encountered political turmoil has now a stable political condition.
  • Hence it require investment from other economies, china and India being major player’s and Europe and U.S.A being in a political turmoil such as rise in Protectionist policies
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