India Cyprus Relations

  • India Maintain a High Commission office at the capital city of Cyprus, the Nicosia, Whereas Cyprus also maintains on High Commission in New Delhi which is jointly accredited to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal, SriLanka, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Cyprus is the first country to support India’s Candidature in the NSG

Brief History:

  • Diplomatic relations between these two countries was established during 1962 after Cyprus gaining independence from British for which India Supported.
  • Three Military generals have served as the commander’s of the United Nations peace keeping force and Indian Military has participated in many peace keeping exercises
  • India supported the Cyprus Greeks during the Turkish invasion in 1974 and India consistently supported and voted for peaceful resolution of Cyprus dispute and international recognisation of Government of Nicosia.
  • Cyprus supported India during US Civil nuclear agreement and IAEA.
  • Besides, Presidents and Prime Minister from both sides have visited each other.

Physiography and Climate

  • It is an island in the Mediterranean sea so the climate is Mediterranean climate.
  • The Summers are hot and dry as the westerly winds disappear due to upward shift of Pressure belts of the world.
  • The Winter is cold and wet as the westerly winds breeze through the coast of Cyprus.
  • The Physiography is characterised by mountains and plains and absent of desert.
  • The Mountains run from North to South, but are scattered with Plains along central and south coast.
  • It is also the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Conflict with Turkey:

  • Despite a constitution which guaranteed power sharing the Greek Cypriot majority and Turkish minority, the both backing of the Greece and Turkey clashed in 1974 end result capture of some parts of Northern Island by Turkey and Declared itself the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, which only Turkey recognise.


  • From an agrarian economy . Cyprus has diversified itself based on services, Which includes large tourism sector which contributes substantial to its GDP.
  • More ever it has also developed into an important financial hub, Especially for investors from Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Indians working there more than half of them are employed in cosmetic industry and we export more services.
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