India ranks 80th on Global Talent Competitive Index 2019

Why in News?

  • Global Talent Competitive Index (GTCI) for 2019 was recently released.

India’s Progress:

  • At 80th rank, India moves up one position on the Global Talent Competitive Index (GTCI) 2019, according to a report.
  • According to the report, India’s biggest challenge is to improve its ability to attract and retain talent. There is a need to address its poor level of Internal Openness in particular with respect to weak gender equality and low tolerances towards minorities and immigrants. China emerged as the best performer among the BRICS countries, with an overall position of 45th.
  • However, India performed better than its lower-income peers when it comes to growing talent and access to growth opportunities.

Global Performance:

  • Switzerland followed by Singapore, the US, Norway and Denmark were in the top five on the list.
  • In the top ten of talent competitiveness ranking, only two non-European countries can be seen: Singapore and the USA.
  • This underlines that Europe remains a talent powerhouse, but also that countries with great universities and a strong education sector are best at attracting talents.


  • Launched for the first time in 2013, the GTCI is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of countries to compete for talent.
  • It is released by INSEAD business school in partnership with Tata Communications and Adecco Group.
  • The report measures levels of Global Talent Competitiveness by looking at 68 variables such as ease of ease of hiring, gender earnings gap, and prevalence of training in firms.
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