India reaches out to Mozambique

Prelims level : Bilateral Mains level : GS - II
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  • The Indian Navy had launched a Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operation in coordination with local officials to evacuate about 5,000 people stranded at Buzi near Port Beira in Mozambique.
  • The African nation has been devastated by tropical cyclone Idai.

India – Mozambique Relations:

  • Mozambique considered as the gateway for Indians to invest into Africa.
  • Once India helped Mozambique during their civil war of the 1980s with South Africa – backed RENAMO movement in which Indian Navy with INS Godavari encountered with South African strike craft.
  • Due to its strategic location in Indian Ocean, India has plan to continue its relation with Mozambique and has an ambition to make Mozambique as one of the top two or three sources of energy imports for India and military partners among African nations.
  • Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement: It was signed between India and Mozambique on 19 February, 2009 which came into effect from 23 September of the same year.
  • The agreement results into the creation of favourable conditions for fostering investment by investors of one state into the territory of other state.
  • Both the nation agreed upon to provide protection under the agreement and the investment will be the conducive to the simulation of individual business initiative and will increase prosperity in both the aggrieved nations.

The Bilateral Relations include:

  • Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement
  • Exchange of Visits
  • Cultural Exchanges
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