India-Russia Bilateral Relationship

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  • India shares special relationship with two global partners one is Russia and other is Japan.
  • In Japan, we call it as “Global Strategic Partner”.
  • Russia, we call it as “Special and Privilege strategic relationship”.
  • The Russia President has planned to visit India next month. And this move is seen as an offset to 2+2 dialogue from India.

Why Russia Important to India?

  • Russia’s Strategic importance has stood time even during the cold war era.
  • 67%  of our defense equipment are from Russia which means Russia is the country where we can service and maintain this equipment’s.
  • The $400 missile which is crucially and is the state – of – art technology to be sold to India which makes us even more stronger regional power.

Pakistan – Russia Naval Agreement

  • The Engagement of Russia with Pakistan has no issue that India should look at.
  • But it is a sign that if India is not buying it needs to sell it far that it needs a client

Russia – China partnership

  • Russia is seen as a strategic partner to China but Russia and china have their own Boundary issues.
  • Russia Conducted Vostok 2018 with China which is nothing but a engagement between two countries who oppose US domination in Asia – Pacific.
  • So it is like a forced marriage relationship.
  • China has started to encroach Russia’s economy but despite US sanctions Russia remains a power to reckon with.

Way Ahead:

  • India Policy with Russia should be Independent and try to get waiver from CAATSA for purchase of $400.
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