Why in news?

  • The Indian Navy has formulated an environment conservation roadmap aimed at reducing energy consumption and diversifying its supply, an official statement


  • Under the INECR, numerous policies aimed at reduction of energy consumption and environment sustenance have been formulated and disseminated to all ships, as well as shore establishments, it added
  • The Indian Navy Environment Conservation Roadmap (INECR), with specific action plans, covers the entire gamut of operations, maintenance, administration and infratructure, and community living
  • The roadmap envisions reduction in energy consumption and diversification of energy supply as key result areas
  • Navy has pledged 1.5 per cent of its ‘Works’ Budget towards renewable energy generation, it added
  • Solar photovoltaic projects have been one of the focus areas of the Navy since the inception of the INECR
  • Similarly, pilot projects utilising wind or a mix of both solar and wind (hybrid) are also being taken up progressively, which will not only reduce carbon footprint but also help achieve self-sustenance in energy security
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