Indian Oceanic Conference

The Third Edition of Indian Ocean Conference was held in Hanoi, Capital city of Vietnam on 27-28 August 2018.


  • The First Conference was held in 2016 – Singapore.
  • The Second Conference was held in 2017 – Sri Lanka
  • It was initiated by Delhi based think tank India foundation along with countries like Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
  • The Conference is supported by Ministry of External affairs and many countries are participating in it.

Significance of Indian Ocean:

  • There has been estimated that the volume of trade in Indian Ocean is going to out weight Atlantic in the next few decade.
  • It forms the link between three major continents which are dominated by developing countries whose trade volume and GDP is going to increase.
  • As China is trying to Thwart the USA presence in Indian Ocean by building many ports (String of pearls) it will compromise our sovereignty
  • There have been 48 Countries in the Indian Ocean and it is import to safeguard their maritime security.
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