Indo Pacific Regional Dialogue (IPRD)

Why in News?

  • The fourth edition of Indo Pacific Regional Dialogue has recently concluded in Delhi.


  • It is an apex level international annual conference of the Indian Navy.
  • In 2018, the initial conception of an IPRD was made.
  • With the exception of 2020, when it had to be postponed owing to the Covid-19, the event has been hosted annually since its initial year in 2018.
  • The National Maritime Foundation (NMF) is the Navy’s knowledge partner and chief organizer of each edition of the event.
  • The IPRD reviews the current geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific region and identifies opportunities, dangers, and problems that might be present.
  • IPRD remains crucial to its interests because one of the main goals of the NMF is to conduct analyses of international relations and geopolitical factors that are important to India strategically,
  • The Indo-Pacific region is one of the most populous and economically active regions of the world which includes four continents: Asia, Africa, Australia and America.
  • The dynamism and vitality of the region is self-evident, 60% of the world’s population and 2/3rd of the global economic output makes this region a global economic centre.
  • The region Is also a great source and destination for Foreign Direct Investment. Many of the world’s critical and large supply chains have an Indo-Pacific connection.
  • There are vast reserves of marine resources in the Indian and Pacific Oceans combined, including offshore hydrocarbons, methane hydrates, seabed minerals and rare earth metals.
  • Sizable coastlines and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) provide littoral countries with competitive capabilities for exploiting these resources.
  • In turn, a number of the world’s largest economies are located in the Indo-Pacific region, including India, U.S.A, China, Japan, Australia.
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