Prelims Level
Mains Level
Prelims Syllabus : IR- India Bilateral Cooperation Mains Syllabus : GS-II- Bilateral, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

Why in News?

  • The Union Cabinet has given approval to the Inter-Institutional Agreement between India and the USA in the areas of regenerative medicine and 3D bioprinting, new technologies, exchange of scientific ideas/information and technologies.


  • The joint research projects, training programmes, conferences, seminars etc. under this Agreement will be open to all qualified scientists and technologists, and will be supported on the basis of scientific merit and excellence.
  • Scientific research and technology development in the areas of regenerative medicine and 3D bio-printing will have potential for generation of new Intellectual Property, processes, prototypes or products.
  • Both institutes anticipate the general academic exchange contemplated under the Agreement will lead to the development of specific projects, each of which may have academic, clinical and commercial implications.


  • The objective of the Agreement is to contribute towards the development of research and education of both the Institutions through academic collaboration.
  • The general areas of common interest where collaboration and exchange of knowledge are intended for both include:
  • Exchange of faculty members and students for training, study and research especially in the areas on 3D Bioprinting;
  • Execution of joint research projects; and
  • Exchange of information and academic publications.
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