Japanese Industrial Township in India

  • The 6th Ministerial Conference recently held at Singapore has made the co-operation between the India & Japan even closer.
  • The Japanese has planned to invest in industrial townships which will boost manufacture and ‘ Make in India’.

Existing Problems in Manufacturing Sector:

  • The Cost of Acquiring a land and procedures are tedious.
  • The Land Acquisition act is to be revised and cost of land is two high to buy in well connected areas which increases the cost of production of manufactured goods.
  • Logistics is faced with severe traffic as Consignment takes very less time to reach from Kennedy International airport to Shivaji airport in Bombay Market.
  • The Cost is logistics is much higher compared to developed Countries.

How can this industrial township Address it?

  • As the FDI has doubled from Japan to India the money should be spent on infrastructure.
  • The Labour conditions so far has been poor, the condition where a worker has to adjust and has to work with it.
  • By Creating the industrial township it will provide a comfortable place for worker’s and his family in turn enhance production
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