Kathmandu Declaration

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  • The fourth BIMSTEC summit concluded in Kathmandu with the leaders reaffirming their strong commitment to make BIMSTEC.
  • A dynamic, effective and result-oriented regional organization.

Kathmandu Declaration:

  • Reiterating strong commitment to combat terrorism the leaders called upon all countries to devise a comprehensive approach to prevent financing of terrorists and terrorist actions from territories under their control, blocking recruitment and cross-border movement of terrorists,   countering   adicalization,   countering   misuse   of   internet   for   purposes   of terrorism and dismantling terrorist safe havens.
  • The leaders  also  committed  themselves  for  promoting  a  peaceful,  prosperous  and sustainable Bay of Bengal region through meaningful cooperation and deeper integration.
  • The   leaders   of   all   seven-member   states   including   prime   minister   Narendra   Modi underscored  the  importance  of  robust  institutional  arrangements  to  effectively  steer  the process of regional cooperation under BIMSTEC.
  • The Kathmandu declaration underlined the importance of multidimensional connectivity as a key enabler for economic integration and shared prosperity of the region.
  • The fight  against  terrorism  should  target  not  only  terrorists,  terror  organisations  and networks  but  also  identify  and  hold  accountable  states  and  non-state  entities  that encourage,  support  or  finance  terrorism,  provide  sanctuaries  to  terrorists  and  terror groups and falsely extol their virtues
  • The declaration acknowledged the importance of trade and investment as one of the major contributing factors for fostering economic and social development in the region.
  • The summit  agreed  to  expedite  the  conclusion  of  BIMSTEC  convention  on  mutual  legal assistance in criminal matters and called upon the member states for its early ratification.
  • The summit agreed to establish seamless multi-modal transportation linkages and smooth, synchronised and  simplified  transit  facilities  through  the  development,  expansion  and modernisation of highways, railways, waterways, sea routes and airways in the region.

Chairmanship of BIMSTEC:

  • The Chairmanship    of    the Bay    of    Bengal Initiative    for    Multi-Sectoral    Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) rotates among the Member States.
  • The Chairmanship of the BIMSTEC was handed over to Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena by Nepal’s Prime Minister Sharma Oli.
  • The 5th BIMSTEC Summit will be held in Sri Lanka.
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