Kotri Barrage

Prelims level : Geography Mains level : Paper – III India and its Neighbourhood
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Pakistan will allow India to inspect the Kotri barrage in the lower Indus, while New Delhi has agreed to Islamabad’s request for a special inspection of the hydroelectric projects in the Jhelum river basin, including the Kishanganga scheme visit bahis siteleri.


  • The decision was taken during last week’s meeting of the Permanent Indus Commission held in Lahore, the first official engagement between India and Pakistan since after the formation of new government in Pakistan.
  • During the meeting both the sides agreed to conduct the general tours of inspection which could not be conducted since 2014.
  • The Pakistani Commissioner for Indus Waters (PCIW) will visit the Chenab basin in the last week of September 2018, followed by a tour of Indian Commissioner for Indus Water (ICIW) to the Kotri barrage in the lower Indus.

Kotri barrage:

  • Kotri Barrage  is  a  barrage  on  the  Indus  River  between  Jamshoro  and  Hyderabad  in  the Sindh province of Pakistan. The barrage was completed in 1955. Kotri Barrage is used to control water flow in the River Indus for irrigation and flood control purposes.
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