Prelims level : Polity Mains level : GS-II Governance, Social Justice, polity and International Relations
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  • Like 2014 leader of opposition no political party is qualifying that mark of 55 MPs in Lok Sabha to get Leader of opposition.
  • UPSC Question Prelims – Leader of Opposition in 2018


  • Lop is leader of largest non-government party.
  • Source of Lop- ‘the salary and allowances of leaders of opposition in Parliament Act, 1977’ which only says that the largest opposition party should get the post securing 10%(at least a strength equal to the quorum) of seats.
  • This act for LoP is extended to both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
  • The Leaders and Chief Whips of Recognised Parties and Groups in Parliament (Facilities) Act, 1998 also refers to a recognised party in the Lok Sabha as a party that has not less than 55 members.

Constitutional Provision:

  • There is no provision in the Constitution or even in the Lok Sabha Rules of Procedure in regard to the recognition of the LoP.
  • Since   there   is   no   constitutional   provision,   the   1977   law   does   not   provide   for   the requirement of 55 members as an essential pre requisite. As it all depends on the Speaker’s directions and discretion.

Importance of LoP:

  • To Democracy to survive there is need of effective and strong opposition.
  • It is said that if no Opposition exists, one may have to be created. Also, if there is no Opposition outside, there is every danger that it may grow within.


  • First  officially  recognized  LoP  was  after  breakup  of  congress  in  1969, The  Leader  of INC(O), Ram Subhag Singh, became the first LoP in Lok sabha.

Hint for Way Ahead:

The simple way out is to substitute ‘pre -poll alliance’ for ‘party’ or say ‘party or pre- poll alliance’. and get that number of 55 MPs.

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