Why in News?

  • Recently, There is concern in Tamil Nadu over a possible exodus of migrant workers after videos showed purported attacks on Hindi-speaking men


  • The report released by Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation in June 2022, collated numbers for temporary visitors and migrants.
  • 7% of the country’s population was recorded as a ‘temporary visitor’ during the July 2020-June 2021 period.
  • Temporary visitors were defined as those who arrived in households after March 2020 and stayed continuously for a period of 15 days or more but less than 6 months.
  • Over 84% of these 0.7% temporary visitors moved places due to pandemic.
  • The all-India migration rate was 28.9% for July 2020-June 2021, with a 26.5 % migration rate in rural areas and 34.9% in urban areas.
  • Females recorded a higher share of migration rate of 47.9%; 48% in rural and 47.8% in urban areas.
  • Migration rate for males was 10.7%, with 5.9% in rural and 22.5% in urban areas.
  • 8% females migrated for marriage while 49.6% of the males migrated in search of employment.
  • Migration fills gaps in demand for and supply of labor, efficiently allocates skilled labor, unskilled labor, and cheap labor.
  • Migration enhances the knowledge and skills of migrants through exposure and interaction with the outside world.
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