National Conference Of Micro Missions Of National Police Mission

Why in News?

  • The conference will discuss the issues of Skills and Competence at the grass-root level, Attitudinal Changes in Police, Gender Sensitization, harnessing technology and Community Policing.

National Police Mission:

  • The National Police Mission (NPM) was announced in the year 2005 to transform the Police Forces in the country into effective instruments for maintenance of internal security and challenges of the next century, by equipping them with the necessary material, intellectual and organisational resources and to create a “New Vision” for the Indian police.
  • The objective of this Mission is to prepare the police forces for emerging challenges, to bring about specialization in areas like counter terrorism, counter insurgency, cyber and economic crimes, strengthen the metropolitan and rural policing, to bring in attitudinal changes in police by transforming the ‘force psychology’ into ‘service psychology, harness technology in aid of policing and to adopt community policing and ensure effective delivery of services to the citizens.

Famous projects of the National Police Mission (NPM):

  • NPM has developed 35 projects; some important among them are
  • Transparent Recruitment Process
  • Police- Community Policing
  • Student Police Cadet Programme (this project aims to develop a well-disciplined socially committed young generation of youth through submission to law, practised as a way of life by creating an action force comprising both girl and boy cadets who stay ever ready for rendering their services to the Nation
  • B-Trac (Technology-driven Traffic Management System)
  • Dial 100 – Integrated Emergency Response System,
  • Cyberdome
  • Pre-litigation Counseling Forum
  • Review and Implementation of Rules and Processes for the Internal Management of Prisons and Prisoners.
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