National Virtual Library Of India

Why in News?

  • National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) is a major project set up by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, under the National Mission on Libraries (NML).


  • The objective of National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) is to facilitate creation of a comprehensive database on digital resources of India on information about India in an open access environment.
  • The main goal of this project is to create, collect, encode, and collate various digital artifacts related to Indian culture, in the form of a portal, and to allow relevant information access through web-based search.
  • This project is an important part of the larger vision of putting information of the entire Indian cultural heritage in the digital web world.

Vision of NVLI:

  • Allowing easy access to digital information present in the form of books, texts, videos, audios, and similar artifacts in multiple languages
  • Collecting, combining, and standardizing all available digital assets in an easily searchable
  • Educating people to use the NVLI portal and enabling them to contribute by submitting digital artifacts
  • Ensuring preservation of digital content for the future generation

Salient features of NVLI are:

  • Federated searching through multilingual user interfaces
  • Virtual learning environment
  • E-Governance platform facilitating data analytics
  • Multilingual searching and retrieval on ontology/thesaurus based
  • The project of creation of National Virtual Library of India had been entrusted to IIT Bombay (in collaboration with C-DAC, Pune and IGNOU, Delhi). The Ministry of Culture
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