GS 3 : Environment- Conservation, Environmental Pollution & Degradation

Why in News?

Ahead of the International Day of Biological Diversity celebrated on May 22, UN Environment India and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) of India launched an awareness campaign ‘Not all animals migrate by choice’ to be displayed at major airports across the country.


  • Campaign launched by Wildlife Crime Control Bureau of India and UN Environment aimed at airports across India.
  • The campaign ‘Not all animals migrate by choice’ aims at creating awareness and garnering public support for the protection and conservation of wildlife, prevention of smuggling and reduction in demand for wildlife products.
  • The campaign also complements worldwide action on illegal trade in wildlife through UN Environment’s global campaign, Wild for Life.
  • This campaign is an important step forward in creating much-needed awareness on wildlife trafficking which threatens the very survival of these species.

Significance of these species:

  • In the first phase of the campaign, Tiger, Pangolin, Star Tortoise and Tokay Gecko have been chosen as they are highly endangered due to illegal trading in International markets.
  • Tiger is traded for its skin, bones and body parts;Pangolin, the most illegally traded wild mammal on the planet is trafficked for its meat and its scales are used in traditional medicines;
  • Star Tortoise for meat and pet trade and Tokay Gecko in traditional medicine mostly into South East Asia and particularly Chinese Markets.
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