Organ Donation

  • August 13 is Observed as world Organ Donation day every year.
  • The Purpose of the celebration is to promote organ donation for the needy.
  • The India Lakh’s of people die due to organ failure and they don’t have donor.
  • The main Objective lies in removing the Taboo around organ donation.

State of Organ Donation in India

  • We need 2 Lakh Kidney each year but we get 8000 to 10,000 per year.
  • Two Lakh people die due to liver failure each year.
  • The demand for heart is so height and the condition is abysmally dangerous.
  • We need ‘Cornea’ (Part of the Eye) in Lakh’s

International Scenario:

  • Spain is considered to be an best example for organ Donation.
  • During the last half of 20th century, at 1979 Spain enacted her first legislation regarding organ Donation
  • Till 1989, there was no improvement in the status. As a result a series of studies conducted and a national Level committee was setup.
  • According to, its recommendation, a organ donation clinical specialist team was started.
  • Made every health care person to undergo special training regarding organ Donation, which includes doctor to the end nurse.
  • Separate audit for Brain Death’s were conducted and now the donation rate is 50 per million population.

Challenges in Indian Scenario:

  • Religious Taboo, in some religion say that donating Kidney in one’s life may lead him to a next both without kidney.
  • Lock of Knowledge among people and even among medical person’s to guide through.
  • Un Healthy Practise like over consumption of alcohol and other drugs render’s your organ’s useless.
  • Human Trafficking and exploitation of poor.

Legal Position:

  • India has enacted her First law in 1994, Transplantation of Human Organ act’ to streamline different stages from donation to transportation regarding organ donation.
  • This act was enacted by all except Andhra Pradesh and J & K.
  • This act was felt inadequate as there were still cases of organ theft and black market activities.
  • So, consequently, GOI made amendments in 2011 and notified in 2014.

Main Provisions:

  • Brain Death identified as form of death.
  • Allows transplantation of human Organ’s and tissues from living donors and cadaver’s.
  • Regulatory and advisory bodies for monitoring transplanting activity and their constitution defined.
  • Hence we have a robust frame work for the organ Transplantation system.

Way Ahead:

  • Creating mass awareness among people, since most of the people are traditional, involving religious gurus to educate people.
  • Since, the trend is evolving in the positive side, that is people more aware and started donating, streamlining the process can help.
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